• Serving our community since 1940

    Serving our community since 1940

    Great rates, fewer fees, and the hometown touch.
  • Meet Will!

    Meet Will!

    Are you Will(ing) to spend 5 mins with our new friend Will? He’s here to help you complete your will. Don’t delay, use Will be Done today! Read More
  • Six Locations To Serve You!

    Six Locations To Serve You!

    Jamestown * Lakewood * Randolph * Frewsburg * Panama * Read More
  • Member owned and not for profit

    Member owned and not for profit

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Board of Directors

Stephen Maggio, President
Paul Volpe, Vice-President
Al Suchar, Treasurer
David Paterniti, Secretary

Benjamin Lindquist

Larry Muntz

Boyd Shaffer

Geoff Olson

Daryl  Damcott




Vicky Burdick  Manager, CEO
Susan Benson  Customer Service/Loans
Jennifer Trask  Loan Manager
Raymond Lindquist  Bookkeeper
Ralph Meerdink  System Administrator
Christopher DeLong  System Administrator
Brenda Ecklund  Marketing/Support
Danielle Seiberg  Customer Service/Loans
Terry Waid  Customer Service/Teller
Cindy Chitester-Pelham  Collections/Loans
Nicole Thorpe  Customer Service/Loans
Diane Buck  Customer Service
Tabatha Peterson  Customer Service
Vicki DeLong  Teller
Jonathan Meerdink  Teller
Christopher Hughesman  Teller
Candy Schupp  Teller
Kimberly George  Teller
Yvonne Moore  Customer Service/Teller
Tara Chase  Teller
Mary Cantrell  Teller


Main office: 915 E. Second Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
(716) 483-1650

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