• Member owned and not for profit

    Member owned and not for profit

  • Serving our community since 1940

    Serving our community since 1940

    Great rates, fewer fees, and the hometown touch.
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Board of Directors

Stephen Maggio, President
David Hedberg, Vice-President
Al Suchar, Treasurer
David Paterniti, Secretary

Joseph Genco

Larry Muntz

Boyd Shaffer

Mary Osgood

Geoff Olson




Vicky Matteson  Manager, CEO
Susan Benson  Loan Officer
Jennifer Trask  Loan Officer
Raymond Lindquist  Bookkeeper
Ralph Meerdink  Computer Specialist
Christopher DeLong  DP Assistant
Brenda Ecklund  Customer Service/Marketing
Danielle Seiberg  Customer Service/Loans
Terry Waid  Customer Service/Teller
Cindy Chitester-Pelham  Collections
Nicole Thorpe  Customer Service/Teller
Diane Buck  Customer Service
Vicki Johnson  Teller
Candy Schupp  Teller
Jonathan Meerdink  Teller
Christopher Hughesman  Teller
Paula Daneshkhah  Teller
Kimberly George  Teller
Tabatha Peterson  Customer Service
Tara Chase  Teller

Yvonne Moore


Katie Graham  Teller


Main office: 915 E. Second Street
Jamestown, NY 14701
(716) 483-1650

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