Checking Accounts

Our Checking Accounts feature:

  • No Monthly Fees
  • No Per Check Fees
  • No Minimum Balance
  • No Strings
  • ATM and VISA Check Card Available (no fee)

Compare us with other "free" checking offers . . . we will never require a minimum balance or direct deposit. As long as you maintain your account in good order, the only thing you might pay for is your actual checks!

Order Checks Online From Legacy

We are ordering checks from Legacy Member Services. If we have already ordered Legacy checks for you, you can click on the icon below to go directly to Legacy's check reorder website.

If you have not received checks from Legacy before, or if your name or address has changed since your last order, you can order checks from any of our offices in person (except the Jamestown Drive-Thru Office).

Everyday use of your checking account is fee-free as noted above.

However, there are certain circumstances which will result in a charge:

  • Return Fee for non-sufficient funds - $30.00
  • Return of deposited check - $30.00
  • Stop Payment request (includes money orders and ACHs) - $15.00
  • Copies of checks - $2.00 each
  • VISA Check Cards - First VISA Check Card is free, replacement VISA Check Cards are $5.00
  • VISA Check Cards - $25.00 fee for overdrawing an account using your VISA Check card.
  • Visa Check Card overdraft - 30.00
  • Dormant Account Fee (per year, after two years inactive) - $10.00